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Building a Better Tomorrow
Making a Difference through Social Work

Making a Difference

Varma Construction & Co has been actively contributing to environmental and social causes for more than 20 years now. Led by Mr. Ravi Varma (CEO), the company is deeply committed to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the environment.

One of the key aspects of Varma Construction & Co's philanthropic efforts is its involvement in various initiatives that aim to uplift people in need. These initiatives cover a wide range of humanitarian efforts and social causes, demonstrating the company's dedication to making a difference in people's lives.

In times of disasters or emergencies, Varma Construction & Co actively participates in relief efforts. This could involve providing aid, resources, or support to affected communities, helping them recover and rebuild their lives after a catastrophe.

Mr. Ravi Varma Founder/CEO helping the society by feeding food to old age people at old age blind home




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Lion Ravi Varma has been an esteemed member of the Lions Club of Lonavala for over a decade now, aligning himself with this renowned international organization celebrated for its extensive philanthropic endeavors. Within the Lions Club of Lonavala, Mr. Ravi Varma, alongside other dedicated members, directs their efforts towards numerous areas of social betterment.

Their initiatives encompass a wide range of impactful activities, including the distribution of essential food supplies to those in need, the provision of educational support by covering school fees for disadvantaged students, and assisting old age homes to enhance the care and support for the elderly. Additionally, the club takes part in the construction of public spaces aimed at uplifting the local society, fostering a conducive environment for collective growth.

Furthermore, they conduct essential medical camps within the surrounding areas, promoting social health and ensuring access to medical services for underserved communities. To alleviate the burden of healthcare expenses, the team also extends their generosity by distributing free medicines to individuals facing financial hardships.

In times of calamity or disaster, the Lions Club of Lonavala stands ready to aid the government's efforts by donating crucial resources, providing vital support during challenging times.

Through such noble initiatives, President Lion Ravi Varma (2023-24) and his dedicated team endeavor to enhance the overall quality of life for individuals and communities alike, leaving a profound and lasting positive impact on society. Their commitment to humanitarian causes exemplifies the true spirit of service and compassion, making them a beacon of hope and inspiration for others to follow.

Lion Pinky Varma & President Lion Ravi Varma

"The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth. Protecting the environment is not an option; it is a responsibility we owe to future generations."

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