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VARMA CONSTRUCTION & CO has been running its construction business for more than 26 yrs and has successfully completed many projects under its name. It was started mainly to supply services in the construction industry, and eventually established its reputation for delivering quality projects. We have developed numerous housing complexes, commercial buildings & luxurious villas with the modern technology at many prime location in Lonavala, Pune & Mumbai. We consistently bring superior craftsmanship to every project and provide great satisfaction to our customers.

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Publiced in - 50 Beautiful Houses in India

Design By:  KNS Architects Pvt. Ltd. 

Location : Summer Hill, Lonavala, Maharashtra
Area : 8,000 sq.ft.

The design of this award winning bungalow flows with the natural contours of the Lonavala hills. Modern with straight lines is the dominant concept. The goal was to create a retreat that provided privacy, yet was filled with natural light and open spacious environment. Extreme weather conditions were considered while choosing materials for the residence. Tile cladding & ACP has been done in the exterior walls of the bungalow as against a conventional choice of paint. This not only protects the house from heavy rains & direct sun light but also makes it easier to maintain.


A home is a cherished memory which lasts forever. It is a place where the walls embrace memories, ceilings shelter laughter and joy, and where corners offer that much-needed pause from the daily hustle and bustle. At VARMA CONSTRUCTION & CO, we understand the need to build the perfect place to call home, and therefore, we offer enchanting living spaces constructed exclusively for residents to immerse themselves in the joy of nature.

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