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Searching of a reputable construction company that can bring your dream villa to life in exquisite locations like Lonavala, Mumbai, or Pune?

Then look no more and contact us through phone, email, or our user-friendly contact form, and our dedicated team will promptly respond to your inquiries. For a more personalized experience, we welcome you to visit our office, and don't forget to stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates on our projects and services.


Varma Construction, Jai mata Di Bungalow,

Kusgaonwadi, Lonavala.



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  • What are your fees?
    At Varma Construction, there is transparency in the pricing and no hidden charges associated with their services. The cost for the construction of a house is agreed upon at the beginning, ensuring clarity for the customer. Any additional elements or services outside the standard contractor rate will be specified to the customer upfront. These additional elements will only be undertaken upon the customer's instruction, which allows us to provide a consistent construction rate for the entire building. Additional charges and fees will only apply when there are customer-requested additions or extra work beyond the initially agreed scope. This approach ensures open communication and avoids surprises in terms of pricing.
  • What are the services that Varma Construction provide?
    Varma Construction is a full-service construction firm specialising in residential and commercial structures; plot development, interior design, and implementation. We provide an all-inclusive service package to our clients, from developing the floor plan to acquiring relevant approvals and conducting quality assessments with the in-house architect. After the design process is completed, we give our client a consolidated quotation for the full structure's construction, assuring adherence to the quality standards and material requirements established by the design team. This all-inclusive approach provides a smooth and effective process for our clients by covering all parts of construction and design.
  • Is it better to construct a house for yourself or buy a ready-made one?
    Constructing a house offers the advantage of customization to suit your specific needs, allowing you to design the layout, choose materials, and incorporate features that align with your lifestyle, ensuring a unique and personalized home that reflects your vision and preferences, while also potentially providing higher long-term value, energy efficiency, and a sense of personal satisfaction from being involved in the creation of your dream home. People often choose ready-made homes due to the uncertainties and difficulties that may arise during building; nevertheless, if you have an excellent contractor service, it is always preferable to create your dream nest yourself.
  • How long do you normally take to complete the construction of a house?
    The typical construction duration for a residential house is 12-14 months, accounting for potential delays due to labor issues, material availability, weather, and strikes. This timeframe incorporates a buffer period to accommodate such challenges that may affect construction progress. However, the actual duration can vary based on design complexity, unforeseen circumstances (eg: pandemic), and adherence to the agreed-upon schedule and payment terms. Timely adherence to payment terms is particularly vital, as it significantly contributes to the project's timely completion and overall success. It is crucial to note that the 12-14 month estimate sets a reasonable expectation for completing the project.
  • How can I get in touch with you?
    you can reach Varma Construction via various channels. These include contacting us through WhatsApp or reaching out to us via Instagram. Our team is available to handle calls from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM, Monday to Sunday. You can also connect with our team via email at or directly called at +91 9890 1500 31 or +91 7755 9400 31. These communication channels provide convenient options for individuals to connect with us and discuss their construction needs or inquiries.
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